IPC A-610 CIT Recert Training

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IPC 610 Training and Instructor Recertification

IPC 610 Training is a 2-day long lecture course for anyone needing to renew their existing IPC-A-610 CIT instructor certification. Attendees will review the IPC-A-610 standard and successfully complete open and closed book exams in order to renew their 610 Instructor certification. Every 24 months a recertification is required and one of the ways to do this is to attend an IPC 610 Training and CIT instructor re-certification class. Other methods include challenge testing or sitting for an entire IPC-A-610 CIT instructor certification class. This IPC 610 Training & certification class is designed for instructors who then teach associates in the standard and the materials in the standard.

This class consists of both lecture and discussion of real-world problems associated with make “calls” on IPC-A-610 inspection criteria. The depth of BEST customers and the length of their involvement with the IPC 610 Training program usually makes for lively discussion when you attend BEST IPC-A-610 instructor recertification classes.

What’s in the IPC-A-610 CIT instructor re-certification class?


  • Introduction -Establishing and Maintaining Program Integrity, CQI
  • Foreword, Applicable Documents, and Handling
  • Hardware
  • Soldering
  • Terminal Connections
  • PCB,s and Assemblies
  • Through-Hole Technology.


  • Surface Mount Assemblies
  • Component Damage
  • Discrete Wiring
  • High Voltage
  • Open Book Examination
  • Closed Book Examination

How long does it take?

The IPC 610 Training and CIT instructor re-certification class take 2 days.

What do I get?

Access to IPC EDGE where all of the instructor materials can be found.