IPC- 7711 CIS Training

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IPC- 7711 CIS Training

This is a 5-day program for experienced soldering technicians looking for knowledge of the IPC 7721 PCB repair process (repair of pads , traces, laminates, gold fingers, etc) controls and recommendations surrounding “best practices” in this document. The course reviews this document and helps students learn how to navigate the criteria. Both closed and open book tests are required after each module. Hand Soldering skills need to be demonstrated and competency shown to the instructor. Students must pass both the hand soldering as well as the specification Q/A in order to successfully complete this program. More on the IPC rework and repair training program here.

This class is not designed as a beginning “how to” soldering class. It is taught at the 5th grade reading and writing level in the English language. Foreign language instruction is available in some of the most common languages.

What’s in the class?

Students in this class will discuss an overview of the IPC 7711/21 document. This class is intended to be at a pace that assumes the students utilize the standard in the workplace. When there are revisions and/or amendments to this standard, students will discuss applicable changes.

The IPC 7711/21 specification will be reviewed (fast-paced). As part of the recertification requirements for certification IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIS candidates must score at least a 70% on each exam.

How long does it take?

5 days or less depending i which optional modules are chosen

What do you get?

IPC Certificate of Training