Solder Training & IPC Certification Center

BEST Inc. offers a variety of IPC solder training and certification programs featuring hands-on classroom training, inspection skills training or training in our mobile training center. Our regularly scheduled classes are in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Detroit.

These IPC programs use a two level "train the trainer" approach for classroom training to for understanding of criteria in the electronics assembly most popular documents. This certification leads to an industry traceable certification for the instructors, quality team, management and operators. Official IPC Serialized Certificates are generated and awarded to those students passing the class materials and skills. Wheter IPC-A-610, JSTD-001, IPC7711/21, IPC-A-620

We are offer the user a variety of benefits. The first amongst these is the teaching and practical experience of the instructors leading to a rich training experience laced with real world examples. In addition, BEST instructors typically are engaged with the standards themselves thereby imparting an “inside look” in to the standards for a full understanding when explaining them to the students. We are entrusted with teaching on several military bases using our military-trained instructors for the richest training experience. Several our instructors speak other languages including Spanish for multiple language training. Because we also undertake rework and repair projects we have lots of hands on experience in doing the work as well as developing better tools for the job.

IPC Certifications and Recertifications

Call BEST to find out how we can be of service in accommodating your IPC certification and IPC recertification requests. Call us if you spec interpretation issue, an issue regarding your own inhouse IPC training and certification program or if you need an expert opinion on a PCB assembly or inspection matter.

  Best Inc. offers the IPC-A-610 Recertification training course, featuring professional, highly experienced instructor/student interaction in either English or Spanish PLUS online enrollment. We even accept credit cards to make the process easy for you.  
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